National ID Cards

The national ID card is an official document that proves the identity of the holder. It needs to be tough & secured.

National ID Cards

Identification and personalization in a snap

With a national identity card on plastic, all personal data is stored on a highly secured and durable material.

Such information makes identity checks easier.

Evolis card printers are the right option to print personalized information in a snap and with photo-quality printing.


Identity cards: foolproof security required

Identification is the main application of a national identity card. As an official document, this card requires top security to fight any forgery attempts.

With multiple encoding options (magnetic stripes, contact smart cards and contactless RFID cards), any basic or advanced data related to the holder can be embedded in the card.

Furthermore, the card lamination  and the hologram technology  from Evolis provide the level of security and durability required for an official document such as a national identity card.

Identity cards: foolproof security required

Securion: the fast and secured option to deliver identity cards

A flexible, robust printer of top quality, Securion is the one-stop choice for delivering tamperproof national ID cards.

It is the Evolis solution for highly secured badges:

  •  Single and dual-sided printing and lamination
  •  Color and monochrome capabilities
  •  Encoding options: magnetic stripes, contact and contactless SMART cards.
  •  2-Year warranty

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