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Hello Visitors - Visitor Management Solution


The all-in-one visitor management solution that will improve your brand image and keep your company secure!


The visitor badge is the very first impression visitors get of your company upon arrival. This badge means your staff are able to identify visitors instantly.
The Hello Visitors solution allows you to provide each visitor with a profesional badge, which enhances your company image.

Thanks to the software package provided with the solution, you can keep track of all visitors (arrivals and departures): you know who is on your premises at all times.


Identify your visitors and record all their visits

  • Add new visitors (or look up those who have already visited previously) in just a few seconds.
  • The intuitive dashboard shows you who is on the premises at all times. 
  • You keep a record of all visits, including arrival and departure times.

Print out personalized, reusable badges

  • It takes just a few seconds to erase and print your visitor badges on plastic cards
  • Make substantial savings by reusing your badges - up to 500 times each. 
  • Thanks to our template publisher, you can personalize badges using your own design / logo.