To print single or dual sided cards in medium or large runs

The ultimate card printer!

Primacy is a high-end printer that is easy-to-use, flexible and fast .
When loaded with the Evolis cutting-edge encoding technologies, Primacy turns into the ideal solution to issue cards.
Primacy supports any requirement in card printing and encoding, in medium to large runs . This is the perfect option to deliver :

Primacy card printer

A card printer which adapts to your needs

  • Primacy is available in single or double-side printing versions, with or without encoding technologies,
  • The encoding or double-sided printing options can be installed to order or at any time on site,
  • All Primacy versions are available with USB and Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity. Optional WIFI connectivity is available on the Wireless range.

A quality commitment

Primacy guarantees optimal operation and perfect results, and benefits from a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. For even more peace of mind, extend your warranty with 1 additional year of coverage, available as an option.

Primacy is the quickest, most powerful and highest-performance office card printer in its category


Primacy is perfect for production runs:

  • Print up to 225 cards/hour in colour, 850 cards/hour in monochrome
  • Start a run of 100 cards : no need to reload cards  thanks to the 100-card capacity of both feeder and output hopper
  • The 250-card capacity of the colour ribbon cassette  (YMCKO) saves your time by reducing the frequency with which the ribbon needs to be changed
Primacy card printer


Easy access to all features :

  • On the counter or in the office, the feeder and output hopper located at the front of the printer makes handling easy
  • The transparent front panel allows you to check the level of the remaining cards at any time  so you can anticipate when more cards need to be loaded
  • Cards with an encoding error are ejected into a special reject tray
  • Supplied with Evolis Premium Suite®,  Primacy configures itself automatically. The software also allows you to dialog with the printer from your PC as well as providing on-line help available 24 hours a day. Step-by-step wizards guide you through option configuration and cleaning cycles operations.
  • With weight reduced to only 4 kg, Primacy is ideal for applications away from the office  (trade shows, exhibitions, etc.)
  • With the Evolis High Trust range of consumables, easily insert your ribbons
  • While operating, Primacy emits only 48 decibels

Highly modular

Configuration as per your requirements :

  • Available in single- or dual-sided printing options and with magnetic encoding, contact or contactless smartcard options  (options can be combined) to meet all your card and badge requirements
  • A dual-sided printing activation key  enables a single-sided printer to be converted in a dual-sided one in an instant and on site
  • Using the encoding option which can be installed on site, add encoding options at any time and on site without changing printer

Primacy, an ecodesigned card printer

The energy consumption is on average 5 times lower than printers from the previous generation.

 The card printer benefits from the ENERGY STAR certification and is compliant with the ErP directive.

card printer

Warranty and additional advantages 

Primacy benefits from the experience and proven quality control of Evolis. It guarantees you optimal operation and a perfect result. Evolis' strong commitment to quality is shown by the 3-year warranty covering the printer.
Extend your warranty to 4 years with our optional 1-year warranty extension contract.

In addition to its manufacturer's warranty, Primacy is supplied with the Standard version of the card creation software eMedia CS Card Designer with unlimited use  (compatible with Windows™ 8, 7 and Vista).

General features

  • Single-sided or dual-sided  printing module, edge to edge printing
  • Color dye sublimation , monochrome thermal transfer
  • 300 dpi  print head (11.8 dots/mm)
  • 16MB  Memory (RAM)

Printing performances

  • Single side  :
    • Color (YMCKO) : 190 - 225 cards /hour1
    • Monochrome : 600 - 850 cards /hour
  • Dual side  (YMCKO-K) : 140 cards /hour

Card management and specifications

  • Feeder capacity: 100 cards (0.76 mm - 30 mil)
  • Output hopper capacity: 100 cards (0.76 mm - 30 mil)
  • Reject tray: 30 cards (0.76 mm - 30 mil) 
  • Card thickness: 0.25 to 1.25 mm (10 to 50 mil), gauge adjustment (0.25mm / 10 mil cards  for monochrome printing only)
  • Types of cards: Types of cards : All PVC, Composite PVC cards, PET, RPET, ABS1  and special varnished1  cards
  • Card format  ISO CR80 - ISO 7810 (53.98mm x 85.60 mm)


Evolis High Trust® ribbons

To maximize the quality and durability of printed cards, the lifespan of the print head and the overall printer reliability, use Evolis High Trust® ribbons.

  • Automatic identification and setting
  • Delivered in a drop-in cassette for easy handling
  • Ribbon saver for monochrome printing


Ribbon capacity

YMCKO 300 prints / roll
YMCKO-K 200 prints / roll
½ YMCKO 400 prints / roll
KO 600 prints / roll
Monochrome ribbon 1000 prints / roll(1)
Hologram varnish 400 prints / roll



  • USB 1.1 (supports 2.0)
  • Ethernet TCP-IP 10BaseT, 100BaseT (Traffic Led)
  • Optional 802.11b/g wireless connection2


  • Printer LEDs
  • Graphical notifications3   from the printer: Empty input hopper alert, cleaning alerts, empty/low level ribbon alert



  • Delivered with Evolis Premium Suite® for Windows: 
    • Printer driver
    • Evolis Print Center for printer management and settings
    • Printer Manager for bi-directional graphical notification4
    • Compatible with Windows™: XP SP3 32/64 ; Vista 32/64, W7 32/64, W8 32/64
  • Delivered with eMedia CS Card Designer, Standard Edition, unlimited version (supports WindowsTM 8, 7 and Vista)
  • Delivered with a driver for Mac OS X (from 10.5 onwards)
  • Other OS: Linux upon request



  • 3-year warranty (printer and printhead)5 , up to 4 years with optional warranty extension.


Size and weight

  • Size:
    • Height 247mm (9.72"") x length 205mm (8.07"") x width 381 mm (14.99"")
    • Height 247mm (9.72"") x length 205mm (8.07"") x width 481 mm (18.93"") (With reject tray)
  • Weight:  4.02 kg (8.86 lbs)

Dimensions and weight of the machine when packed :

  • Size (H x l x W) : 485 x 300 x 390 mm
  • Weight : 5.290kg

Sound (Evaluated according to the ISO 7779 standard)

Sound pressure level,  LpAm, measure at the operator position (colour mode YMCKO)  :

  • When operating: 48dB (A)
  • In sleep mode: background noise level


  • Slot for Kensington® security lock
  • Data encryption for magnetic encoding

Packaging content

  • Printer
  • CD-ROM with printer drivers, user manuals, and eMedia CS
  • Cleaning kit
  • USB cable
  • Reject tray
  • Power supply and cord

Options & Accessories

Colors available : Fire Red & Brilliant Blue

  • Upgrade kit for dual-sided printing
  • Encoding options can be combined, factory ordered or upgraded on-site with additional modules:  Magnetic stripe encoder, smart contact station, smart encoding unit, contactless encoding unit
  • USB Encoding  over IP through additional USB Net Server module, upon request
  • Locking system to prevent access to the printer and consumables (cards and ribbons)

Environmental features, certifications and statement of compliance

  • Standby mode & reduced energy consumption
  • ErP 2009/125/CE, ENERGY STAR, ROHS



  • Power supply : 100-240 Volts AC, 50-60 Hz, 1,8A
  • Printer : 24 Volts DC, 3 A


  • Min/max operating temperature: 15° / 30 °C (59° / 86 °F)
  • Humidity: 20% to 65% non-condensing
  • Min/max storage temperature: -5° / +70 °C (23° / 158 °F)
  • Storage humidity: 20% to 70% non-condensing
  • Operating ventilation: open air

Resident fonts

  • Arial 100, Arial bold 100
  • Barcode: Code 39, Code 128, EAN 13, 2/5 interleaved


1 Under Specific conditions / 2 on the Wireless range / 3 Depends on the Windows™ version  /  4 requires the .net 4.0 client profile version / 5 Warranty subject to observance of specific conditions and use of Evolis High Trust® ribbons.

Simplex Expert card printers



Fire Red
Brilliant Blue
Printer without option, USB & Ethernet
Fire Red
Brilliant Blue
Printer with Mag ISO Dual HiCo/LoCo 3-track magnetic stripe encoder, USB & Ethernet
Fire Red
Printer Smart with GEMPC USB-TR Smart Card Encoder, USB & Ethernet
Fire Red
Printer Contactless with SpringCard Crazy Writer encoding module, USB & Ethernet
Fire Red
Printer Smart & Contactless with Evolis SCM Dual Smart Card and Contactless Encoder, USB & Ethernet

Duplex Expert card printers

Fire Red
Brilliant Blue
Printer without option, USB & Ethernet
Fire Red
Brilliant Blue
Printer with Mag ISO Dual HiCo/LoCo 3-track magnetic stripe encoder, USB & Ethernet
Fire Red
Printer Smart with GEMPC USB-TR Smart Card Encoder, USB & Ethernet
Fire Red
Printer Contactless with SpringCard Crazy Writer encoding module, USB & Ethernet
Fire Red
Printer Smart & Contactless with Evolis SCM Dual Smart Card and Contactless Encoder, USB & Ethernet


PMY1-KTDS Dual-Sided upgrade kit
S10107 Smart Contact station (DB9) kit*
S10108 Magnetic ISO encoding kit
S10109 GEMPC USB-TR encoding kit*
S10110 Evolis-SCM Dual encoding kit*
S10113 Omnikey 5121 Dual encoding kit*
S10111 SpringCard Crazy Writer encoding kit*
S10112 Encoder's mounting plate kit

* For these encoding options, it is necessary to order the encoder's mounting plate kit to finalize the installation of the options, only one plate per printer.

alt image Trade-in / Trade-up program

Trade-in your old card printer for a new Evolis one and save up to 600€/$800! Learn more

eMedia CS Evolis eMedia CS Card Designer, card creation and issuing software


  • Primacy is supplied with the Standard Edition of eMedia CS, unlimited version
  • Benefit from a powerful and easy-to-use program for creating, encoding and printing your cards and badges in a few clicks
imprimante à cartes A user-friendly and simple-to-use card printer


  • Automatic printer configuration and ease of use with  Evolis Premium Suite® software
  • Easy installation and automatic configuration of Evolis High Trust ribbons
  • Step by step wizards for option configurations and cleaning cycles.
Evolis Primacy Primacy, an ecodesigned card printer


  • One-fifth of the electrical consumption  relative to previous-generation machines
  • Energy Star  Certification
  • Application of the ErP directive   (ecodesign requirements for energy-related products) the purpose of which is to make ecodesign mandatory for products affecting energy consumption in order to reduce it

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