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Bank Asya

Category: Finance | 18/10/2011

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Bank Asya success story


CHALLENGE: Issue payment cards instantly at the branch level while safeguarding customer data
MARKET: Banking and financial services
APPLICATIONS: Credit cards (contact and contactless), and payment for public transit, car parks, tolls, and more
EVOLIS SOLUTION: Dual-sided color printer, Dualys


In Turkey, Bank Asya’s customers get their cards from branch offices

Turkish Bank Asya selected the Evolis Dualys printer to personalize and deliver banking cards at the branch level, and across the counter, enabling customers to use their card for multiple applications. The AsyaCard DIT is, therefore, not just a banking card, as it can be used to pay for transit fares, car parks, movies, libraries, and more: a true “City Card” which benefits from top security.


1.6 million : This is the number of cards issued by Bank Asya and currently in use. More than 530,000 of these cards benefit from a contactless payment technology, which represents a market share of more than 30% for Bank Asya in this segment in Turkey. More than 6,550 contactless readers were deployed throughout the country at partnering points of sale (more than 40% market share).

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