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Investor relations

Interview with Emmanuel Picot, CEO, Evolis. October 2016

E.picot-Evolis CEO

How was your business in the 1st half of 2016?

In the first half 2016 we realized a turnover of € 37.5 million. This semester is characterized both by good dynamics on the international level, and high levels of profitability. Excluding the base effect due to the contract with Tanzania in 2015, our revenue is up by 8%. The sales activity of the semester was marked by a strong growth of the channel activity, particularly in Asia (+ 15.1% at € 26.6 million) and a decline in the projects activity (-37% primarily due to the Tanzania project). As for the profitability, our ratios remain high, net profit is at € 4.4 million, down slightly compared to H1 2015 (€ 4.7 million).

You announce an annual turnover which is stable compared to 2015 versus a forecast of 5% earlier this year. How do you explain this revision?

Major decisions on large projects have been postponed in several countries, including India and China. The sum of small projects won until the end of the 1st semester was not enough to equal the amount of the Tanzanian contract of over 4 million euros in our 2015 turnover. However we remain confident about better dynamics on the "projects" side in the second half that should enable us to make up some of our delays, which is why we are announcing a stable turnover.

How do you see the coming months?

Evolis launches innovative products in this semester:

  • The new lamination module designed with a new technology, an innovative concept and which has an unequalled quality / price ratio in the market

  • The world’s first LCD color touch screen for card printers using thermal sublimation technology

  • The business development of our new Kiosk range dedicated to self-service terminals

  • In 2017 a new packaged solution for the issuance of price tags for fresh food.

These launches will be important vehicles that will contribute to a good dynamic for Evolis and its trading partners right from the beginning of 2017.