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About Evolis

Join Evolis

Since its foundation, Evolis has experienced steady success and growth, both in France and internationally.

Professionalism, efficiency, and friendliness are key factors of Evolis' success. Future employees, we will be proud to welcome you!


Work for Evolis

Evolis' success depends on its expertise, its professional experience, and above all, the men and women who work here. It's thanks to their drive and their skills that Evolis has continued to grow.

When you apply to Evolis, you're looking to join a company that is:

  • An industry leader: no. 1 worldwide
  • Internationally oriented: headquarters based in Angers and 4 subsidiaries in Miami, Singapore, Shanghai, and Bombay, as well as a subsidiary for accessories in the Parisian region.
  • Innovative: on average 4 % of its turnover is dedicated to research and development
  • Modern and dynamic: corporate events, the advantages of a works council, a new building which mets HQE standards, sport facilities available to everyone, etc.


Life at Evolis:

Maintaining employee performance and satisfaction is essential. How?

  • Facilitating the integration of new employees: guided tours, meetings, and training sessions with internal teams.
  • Encouraging development and performance, both individually and collectively: internal mobility, professional training, and skills development.
  • Creating internal cohesion: listening, promoting transparency and communication, and ensuring a balance between the generations.

Evolis is committed to creating and maintaining working conditions that respect both men and women on a day-to-day basis.