Card feeder

Additional or manual card feeder for TattooRW, Pebble, Dualys and Quantum card printers

  • Evolis card printers feeders
  • Evolis Quantum card feeder
  • Evolis Pebble4-Dualys3 Card-Feeder
Part # Description Tattoo RW Quantum2 Pebble Dualys
S2304BB Additional Card Feeder Cartridge, 100 cards
Brilliant Blue
S5305OC Manual Card Feeder
Ocean Blue - For front desk operation 
    X X
S10011 Card Feeder/Hopper 
Feeder / Output Hopper with a capacity of 500 cards (0.76mm - 30 mil) 
S10052 Card feeder/ Hopper
Feeder/output hopper (short door) with a capacity of 500 cards