Encoding and dual-sided options

  • Magnetic stripe option
  • Smart contact option
  • Smart contactless option
  • Dual encoder contact and contactless
  • Mounting plate
  • Upgrade kit




  • primacy-Multioption
  • Crazy Writer option - S10111
  • Dual Evolis-SCM option - S10110
  • GemPC USB-TR option - S10109
  • Smart contact station (DB9) option - S10107
  • Daughter board
  • Enocder's mounting plate - S10112
Part # Description Zenius Primacy Elypso Pebble 4 Dualys 3 Quantum 1 & 2
O7501 Mag ISO Option
Field upgradable dual HICO - LOCO magnetic stripe encoder (ISO 1, 2 and 3) 
      X X  
QTM2-KTCW Springcard Crazy writer encoding kit - Field upgradable            X
QTM2-KTCM Omnikey Cardman 5121 encoding kit - Field upgradable            X
QTM2-KTT Gemalto GEM PC USB-TR contact chip encoding module            X
QTM2-KTELY Evolis-SCM Dual chip  encoding module            X
S10107 Smart Contact station (DB9) kit
Incl. Smart Contact Station, daughter board and DB9 cable 
X X X      
S10108 Magnetic ISO encoding kit
Incl. Mag ISO Dual HiCo/LoCo 3-track magnetic stripe encoder, flywheel      
X X X      
S10109  GEMPC USB-TR encoding kit
Incl. Gemalto GEMPC USB-TR encoder, smart contact station, daughter board and cables 
X X X      
S10110 Evolis-SCM Dual encoding kit
Incl. Evolis-SCM Dual encoder, smart contact station, antenna bracket, daughter board and cables 
X X X      
S10111 SpringCard Crazy Writer encoding kit
Incl. SpringCard Crazy Writer encoder, antenna bracket, daughter board and cable 
X X X      
S10112 Encoder's mounting plate kit
Incl. Encoder's mounting plate and screws and rivets 
X X X      
S10131 locking system kit - Incl. Locking system and Torx allen keys and screws   X        
PMY1-KTDS  Dual-Sided upgrade kit    X