Rigid badge holders

Rigid badge holders for one or two cards.

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IDX 130 & 160 card holder

IDX 130 & 160 Card holder

Manufactured in France, this card holder range is made of anti-UV polycarbonate and efficiently protects your cards of 0.5 mm to 1.25 mm thick.

IDX badge holders

IDX - badge holder (horizontal or vertical)

Manufactured in France, the IDX range of badge holders efficiently protects your cards (thickness: 0.5 mm to 1.25 mm)

IDX 48 Badge holder

Badge holder IDX 48 Ready-to-use

With its IDS 16 R metal suspender clip and reinforced strap, the IDX 48 is a "ready-to-use" badge holder.

IDP 64 - Open badge holder (Horizontal)

IDP 64 - Open badge holder

Polypropylene translucent badge holder with one open face and rear protection.

Badge holder PB LOCK

Badge-holder PB LOCK

Once your badge is inserted in the case, just use the opening key to get it out.

IDS 90 - Safety badge holder (Horizontal)

IDS 90 - Safety badge holder

Once cards have been inserted and locked in the case, they cannot be removed.

SlideCard badge holder

SlideCard badge holder

Rigid clear badge holder made of polycarbonate. Retrieve your badge easily by pushing the slide.

Clearbox - waterproof badge holder with ring (Vertical)

Clearbox - waterproof badge holder with ring

Built for outdoor activities, travel or professional purposes, these cases can fit into a pocket, attach to a backpack, or belt, or hang around your neck.