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Evolis - Wine tag holder with card

Bottle Neck Tag Holder

Discreet and reclining tag holder to facilitate the display of your presentation labels directly on the neck of the bottles.

Cristal price ticket stand 8cm

Cristal price tag stands

Price tag stands with clear base. Available in 2 sizes : 8cm and 12cm.

Evolis - Dual Tag Holder for Edikio price tags

Dual-ticket holder - PART # AC000010

Evolis exclusivity, the dual-ticket holder is ideal to maintain 2 cards together and to increase the surface of writing and/or to highlight specific communication messages.


H Gripper

Ideal to maintain 2 cards together and to highlight one logo or specific promotional message.

Evolis - High metal buffet stands

High metal buffet stands

High stainless steel tag holders with clamp. Adapted to many buffet configurations. Available in 2 sizes : 10 cm and 18 cm.

Magnetic price tag holder 8cm or 12cm

Magnetic tag holder

Wide magnetic stand for perfect stability on your shelves

Evolis - Price Tag spike

Price tag Spike

Polyvalent spike to display price tag

Promo badge + cristal fixing clip

Promo badge + cristal fixing clip

To clip on the price tag's top to highlight promotions

Evolis - Stainless steel buffet stand

Stainless steel buffet stand

Low metal holder for tags. Elegant and qualitative stainless steel holder for your buffets tags.

Evolis - Tag clamps

Tag clamps

Tags can easily be attached to any crocks, bowls and dishes...

Evolis - Tag Stand

Tag stands

Discreet tags display. Ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, delicatessens, dairy shops…

Evolis - Price Tag Wide spike

Wide price tag spike

Easily updatable, the wide price tag is perfect to add signage to your food display