In-Branch Issuance of Debit and Credit Cards

Instant card issuance with self-service terminals enables financial institutions to:

Multiply their points of sale at a lower cost in various environments, Increase the quality of the service offered to customers thanks to an…

Instant Issuance of Payment Cards with Self-Service Terminals

Whatever the card type – including cash withdrawal cards, debit cards, credit cards, or prepaid cards – self-service terminals have numerous benefits for banking institutions

Increased return on investment:

  • Reduction in staff costs
  • Generation of additional revenue by multiplying points of interaction with customers
  • Reduced cost of operation and maintenance thanks to autonomous terminals and remote control

Improved customer experience:

  • The card is issued instantly, whatever the location
  • Waiting time is reduced, without waiting at the counters or being dependent on delivery times.
  • The customer can personalize their card easily at the terminal.

Self-service printing of payment cards

Instant self-service issuance of payment cards: a growing trend
In this white paper we cover:

– How are bank branches moving toward an “omnichannel” approach?
– To what extent is the connected customer leading the change in branches?
– How can you automate payment card issuance?

Choose the ideal instant printing model

An analysis to help you to choose among different instant issuance solutions, from basic to full-fledged ones.
In this white paper, we cover:

– The basic instant printing model
– The complete instant printing model (in SaaS mode)
– The complete instant printing model (integrated in the bank)
– The advantages and disadvantages of each model

Why choose Evolis card issuance solutions?

Our printers are recognized and chosen by banking organizations for their:

  • Print quality: a professional graphic finish whether for color printing or monochrome personalization.
  • Speed: cards are personalized in a couple of minutes
  • Reliability: French production in a certified ISO 9001 plant
  • Flexibility: depending on your specifications, our team designs your tailor-made solution. Our printing systems can also be quickly adapted on site with the addition of complementary modules.
  • Ease of integration: our systems are already qualified and integrated by countless instant issuance software providers. They will integrate into your management system and are compatible with all the smart card suppliers on the market.

Our range of products is adapted to all types of instant issuance projects:

  • Affordable solutions for instant card issuance.
  • Wide range of options: various encoders, LCD screen, electromechanical locking system, etc.
  • Cloud or local interface for SaaS mode or fully integrated mode
  • Our solutions can be integrated into terminals for “self-service” use.


Our Evolis card printers