Price tag printing


Price tag printing

With Edikio Price Tag by Evolis you can customize the front and back of each card to provide your customers with clearer information on your products, latest offers and promotions.

Professional price tags customized to meet retailers’ needs

Stand out from your competitors by customizing your shelves 

Improve your efficiency and harmonize your shelves by printing your own price tags on plastic cards. Price tags are an integral part of your store’s brand image. They play a key role in purchasing decisions.
As well as informing your customers, Edikio Price Tag by Evolis printing solutions enable you to harmonize your shelves with price tags customized to comply with your visual identity.
Printing on plastic cards also enables you to quickly and easily:

  • Update your prices
  • Label your new products,
  • Highlight your special offers.

Remove your constraints and improve your efficiency

You can customize the information you wish to display on the front and back of your price tags to improve your efficiency. On the front, you can display:

  • the price
  • the product’s exact name
  • the allergens it contains

While the back is used to display information for your sales staff, such as the price, cooking or storage instructions, the PLU code, and margin indicators. This readily available information improves your employees’ efficiency thereby helping you to increase your revenue.
As well as their informative role, plastic card price tags are practical: they can be cleaned easily, they withstand humidity and they are therefore long-lasting.

A turnkey solution for printing plastic cards

Designed specifically with retailers’ needs in mind, Edikio Price Tag printing solutions are easy to use and can save you a considerable amount of time.

Each solution includes:

  • A plastic card printer
  • Professional software designed specifically for retailers:
    • data management and updates for products and prices
    • simplified price tag design and printing
    • library of totally customizable price tag templates and many illustrative icons
  • Consumables:
    • black plastic cards (standard and/or long format)
    • white printing ribbon

Evolis also offers a complete range of accessories and consumables for price tags to meet all your specific requirements.

Discover the price tag printing solution developed by Evolis

Our goal: a successful project.

No matter how complex your IT installation is, our card printers can be adapted to your project. For configurations that require system integration, we work with our integrator partners to deploy your solution according to your needs and constraints. Our card printers can be used with all types of applications already in place.

For needs that are not covered by our standard range of printers, our dedicated project team is committed to offering you a completely customized solution.


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