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Embossing and Indenting for the printing of financial cards

Embossing and indenting allow to increase the security level of financial cards and are very effective against fraudulent alteration of the personalized data. These technologies can be applied to the variable text elements of the cards. [Read more]

How to choose the best plastic card printer?

The range of plastic card printers is as diverse as the production options offered by these systems.

The 10 points of this guide are here to help  you define your needs and guide you to the printer that best suits your needs. [Read more]

Card design tips

All you need to know for creating an ID badge.

ID cards help to create a good first impression, that is why we are offering you tips & advices to create cards. [Read more]

Data Encoding on Cards

Different encoding technologies are existing to create more sophisticated and more secure cards.

Encoded data on cards becomes invisible and a special device is needed to read the data. This is the first level of security. Ensuring that data is secure depends on the encryption used during encoding. [Read more]

Plastic Card Printing Technologies

The options for printing and customizing your cards are vast and varied.

By clearly defining your needs, you'll be able to choose the ideal card printer and use the most appropriate technology for your project. [Read more]

Printing gift cards

Why retailers should promote them?

Gift cards are a tremendous source of additional sales for retailers, whether they run big chains or manage independent stores. [Read more]

Printing module for self-service terminals

The demand for self-service kiosks has been rising over the past few years. Find in this guide the criteria to consider when choosing a printing module for a self-service kiosk project.
[Read more]