Badgy200: an even simpler, even more effective solution

Discover the recent improvements that have been made to our Badgy200 solution

Discover the recent improvements that have been made to our Badgy200 solution

Badgy200 offers ready-to-use solutions, allowing you to produce your own personalized badges on plastic cards. Now, improvements have been made to enable it to better meet the expectations and needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Our promise to you: ease of use

“With Badgy, you don’t have to be an expert to design and print badges!”

Our aim is to always offer you professional and high-performance badge creation and printing solutions, accessible to new and experienced users alike.

The improvements made to the Badgy solution are proof of this:

easy iconNew design software:
The new Evolis Badge Studio+ now offers new features that make it simpler and more intuitive. Discover the new features.
USB keyThe Evolis Badge Studio+ software and the Badgy printer driver are available on a USB stick:
No need to look for a computer with a CD drive! A USB stick now replaces the CD.
installation iconA simplified all-in-one installation:
You can’t go wrong! You will be guided through the installation of the Evolis Badge Studio+ software and the Badgy printer driver. A few clicks and you’re done!
new iconNew customizable card templates:
Discover new card models included in the software to meet all your needs depending on your business. News will be regularly posted on the free library available on Don’t hesitate to visit the site!
technical supportEasier technical support:
Benefit from new documentation and user aids. Create your account on our website
Printing qualitySimplified cleaning:
Your first “T” shaped cleaning card is included in the box. A cleaning notification that also explains the steps to follow to simply clean your machine.
Easy print                  And always professional print quality for all types of badges.
Amélioration Badgy200

Always an affordable solution

Badgy200 will always meet all your needs. It includes the Plus Edition of the new Evolis Badge Studio software: using a database you can print your badges faster and over their entire surface.

Printing areaEdge-to-edge
Print speed
(color card)
38 secs/card
95 cards/hour
Software included
MAC and PC compatible
Evolis Badge Studio
Plus Edition
Pack of consumables included•    Color ribbon and blank PVC cards for 100 prints
•    A “T”-shaped cleaning card

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