Evolis 2023 Keynote: novelties, perspectives and much more.

If the last few years have been particularly rich in development for Evolis, those to come look just as positive. This is what Emmanuel Picot (Chairman and CEO of Evolis) and several of his colleagues invite us to share with them in this new keynote. They look back on the key events that have marked Evolis’ growth, and look forward to the future. A look back at the announcement of the takeover by HID (Assa Abloy Group), the revelation of their major new product Agilia, current developments, prospects… So many subjects to discover in this Evolis 2023 Keynote.

A look back at the HID buyout: “Alone we go faster, together we go further”.

Convinced of the complementarities between the two structures, Emmanuel Picot confidently and optimistically explains the reasons for the merger between Evolis and HID. He explains that Evolis will evolve within the HID group as an independent entity, retaining the same ambition and identity, while becoming part of a larger group which should enable it to take a new step forward.

Emmanuel Picot
« We will continue with the same ambition to grow, as we have always done. »
Emmanuel Picot, Evolis President and CEO

Introducing Agilia, the 100% Made in Evolis retransfer card printer.

Evolis is the world leader in D2T2 (direct card printing) card printers. The release of the new generation Primacy in 2022, offering the best quality/features/price ratio, has only confirmed this position. The French designer-manufacturer now wants to repeat the feat, but this time in the retransfer market, by developing its own card printer featuring this technology: Agilia.

Nathalie Clement
« We want to bring to the retransfer market what we offered to the D2T2 market: the best quality/functionality/price ratio. »
Nathalie Clément, Product Marketing Manager

Numerous developments already underway and promising prespectives.

Evolis has already launched a number of projects for the coming years, taking into account both the expectations of its customers and a constantly changing environment:

  • Renewal of its printer range, new consumables, new software,
  • Development of mobile solutions,
  • Development of more environmentally-friendly solutions,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility actions,
  • Company digitalization