Evolis Distributor Testimonial Videos

In 2017, we had the chance to ask some Evolis key distributors across Europe about their experience with Evolis card printing systems and the quality of their long-standing partnerships with Evolis.

Watch the testimonial videos below from 10 distributors in Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia and Poland.

Our distributors share their experience on Evolis systems

The main features of the personalization and printing systems that were mentioned are:

  • Printing quality
  • Reliability
  • Upgradeability
  • Easy integration into third party hardware systems
  • Innovation

Sue Woodcock, Essentra, UK: “We have many customers who prefer Evolis card printers for their quality, their reliability and for the performance and support.”

Marco Tomadin, Ermes, Italy: “The big advantages are the reliability of the printing systems and their capability to be integrated with third party hardware which allows us to follow different markets and system integrators.”

Marcus Brand, Identbase, Germany: “We definitively appreciate the upgradeability of the whole product range of Evolis.”

Joaquim Garcia, Kimaldi, Spain: “The systems are very modular. Almost all important features can be added in the field.”

Evolis Distributors Testimonial – What do you appreciate about Evolis systems?

Our distributors speak about their partnership with Evolis

Christopher de Groot, Kortho, Netherlands: “Evolis is extremely supportive. When there is a chance, they see the potential in it and they will help you out.”

Izabela Rapacz, Unicard, Poland: “I like that each year, I am learning from your team.”

Hans-Tomy Wilhelmsen, Buysec, Norway: “They are listening to what we are picking up from the customer side.”

Evolis Distributors Testimonial – How do you describe the partnership with Evolis?

What can card printing solutions do

Evolis aims at making plastic card printing widely available and affordable by offering simple, on-demand and customized printing solutions that bring quality to the largest scope of business users.

Evolis is the ideal solution for printing ID cards, voter cards, payment cards, employee badges, access control badges, student card, transit pass, membership cards, gift cards, price tags…