Evolis Financial Year 2014 Earnings

Evolis published its results for the financial year 2014.

Geographical areas and products on the uptrend

Evolis achieved sales totalizing €60.2 million over the entire financial year 2014, an increase of 7.1% in comparison with the previous FY. The Group’s organic growth stood at €59.6 million (+6.1% vs. 2013), as the consolidation scope effect of the cardPresso acquisition and exchange rate variations over the year only had a limited impact on growth. Growth was sustained by a particularly lively fourth quarter (+24% vs. Q4 2013) which was marked by good performance of the “Channels” and “Projects” businesses. Migration to EMV in the United States banking sector has strongly contributed to dynamics in the “Projects” business (Americas area up 30% in the Q4 2014).

Financial year 2014 earnings

Financial year 2014 earnings

  • Revenue: €60.2 million (+7.1%)
  • Operating income: 16 .1%
  • Net income: +21.9%
  • Enhanced shareholders’ equity: €49.8 million

Interview of Emmanuel Picot, the Evolis CEO, about Financial year 2014 (in French)


  • A look back at 15 years of growth: ‘We have experienced continuous progression and profitability for 15 years. (…) Over the past 5 years we have seen average annual growth of 13.5 %.’
  • Development of group strategy: ‘It’s a mix of technology and structure which has had to adapt to growth as well as the changing nature of the markets. A few years ago, our first market was access control and now it is the banking sector, to which we supply credit or debit card customization systems.’
  • Growth drivers: ‘To continue our business, we have developed growth drivers, obviously in our core business with new systems, but also with products and solutions that complement our applications.’
  • Investments made: ‘Three years of investments represent €15 million that allowed us to structure our factory, integrate plastics processing, develop teams and subsidiaries, and acquire other companies.’
  • Financial statements 2014 and 4th quarter: ‘The 4th quarter saw strong growth, due among other things to the efforts of our teams and an improving economic situation in some regions. Business done in dollars makes up nearly 50 % of our sales. The euro’s fall against the dollar has made us more competitive. So that’s very positive for us for 2015.’