Evolis Launches Campaign to Thank Caregivers

Amid the health crisis we are all facing, Evolis is launching a campaign to support healthcare workers and retailers across the city of Angers. On presentation of a VIP card showing the cardholder’s name, healthcare workers will be able to get reductions at businesses participating in the campaign. This card is personalized and printed by Evolis.

Carte A Nos Soignants 2

“For Our Carers” is available to all healthcare staff working on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. It is open to all nursing staff, care workers and paramedics working in both public and private facilities.

The objective of the campaign, which will be rolled out on May 11 and run until October 17, is two-fold:

  • To thank our care workers by increasing their purchasing power for the next few months,
  • To encourage an upturn in trade for local businesses, which have been severely impacted by this crisis.

To get this project off the ground, Evolis joined forces with Vitrines d’Angers, the leading retailers association in Angers with over 200 members.

Evolis Chairman, Emmanuel Picot, explains: “We were very keen to show our gratitude to care workers in a very tangible way, while at the same time giving a helping hand to retailers heavily affected by this crisis. So we thought about launching a campaign that would achieve both these objectives.”

A virtuous circle for carers and retailers

Thanks to this campaign, healthcare professionals will see their purchasing power increase significantly with discounts of up to 20%. As for retailers, they will benefit from increased visibility at a time when they need it most. The campaign is intended to bring them a new customer base, while raising awareness among the general public of the importance of protecting local businesses. Angers retailers have already confirmed their participation in the campaign.

A simple system for rapid deployment

The campaign is simple to set up. Retailers sign up to the program with a simple email and choose the amount of discount they want to offer. And it’s just as easy for the care workers: a quick email to confirm registration. The card is then personalized and printed by Evolis, and sent to the recipient.
For added simplicity during in-store use, Evolis has added visual identification as part of the card personalization. Particular care was taken in terms of the esthetics and design of this card, which includes the care worker’s name and photo ID.

Wish to implement this action in your local community? JOIN OUR INITIATIVE!