Why would you issue access control badges yourself? Discover the three key advantages!

You are responsible for identifying staff and ensuring access control within your organization. Printed and barcoded badges with magnetic strip or contact or contactless chip (RFID): several card solutions are available to you.

Whatever the badge type, they all deserve the utmost care and attention to ensure the required level of security during the production phase and subsequent use.

Have you ever thought about managing the production of access control badges yourself?

We can deliver to you right now all the benefits of in-house management of ID solutions for you, your employees, and your organization. Expect to be surprised!

Enhance security in your company by creating your own ID cards and badges

Using a desktop card printer, you can issue access badges quickly, easily, and with absolute security. You will have full control over the entire production chain for your cards, from their creation to their replacement. Gone are the days of sharing your data with third parties!

Producing your own cards has an undeniable benefit in terms of securitymanagement of sensitive data. This method of issuing access badges remains exclusively within your company, with no external transfer at any time. By not entrusting personal data to third parties, not only will you strengthen your data processing policy, you’ll also increase confidence among your staff. And you’ll know exactly who has access to this data.

Another benefit of enhancing the security of your access control system: hand delivered cards. By choosing to manage and issue your access badges in-house, you can hand them directly to their recipients on site and at the same time check the identity of the recipients. In addition, this delivery in person avoids any risk of loss or theft of your badges in transit from an external production site.

By managing your access control cards in-house, you can easily add features to them via data encoding. The card then becomes a unique system that integrates different types of data and provides various services, including:

• Pre-payment: cafeteria, vending machines

• Access to printers and photocopiers

• Equipment loan: PCs, smartphones, etc.

This will help you to optimize the running of your organization by securing and rationalizing access to different services.

Improved cost control for issuing access cards

The first economic benefit is that you are not replacing your current system. By retaining your infrastructure, you are simply limiting usage costs and can even evolve the infrastructure.

In fact, on a day-to-day basis, issuing your own access badges is a profitable financial operation. Purchasing a desktop printer offers you the following benefits:

• No matter how many cards you need, the cost of a single-sided color printed cardis less than €0.30!

• You’re no longer subject to minimum order quantities for card production or additional costs for urgent requests: it is now possible to issue a single badge

• You save on shipping costs for cards.

In addition, and for an even quicker return on investment, you can optimize printer use by issuing all cards and badges that benefit the work of your organization:

• Visitor ID

• Events badges

• Signage in your premises

• Support for visual management of your factory or projects

• Identification of your equipment, spare parts, and/or finished products

• Gift cards for your staff and customers

Remember that if you choose an access card that integrates different services, this will help you to rationalize management of those other services too. It may turn out to be a real money saver:

• Centralization within a single system—in other words your multi-service card—means you don’t need to set up other systems to manage these services, creating an immediate saving!

• The very principle of using a single badge to access a number of services can result in savings. In 2017, a French company introduced access to printing via the badges of its 180 employees. It is based on the principle of swiping the badge on the printer to retrieve the printed document. In the first year, the IT services division reported a decrease of 61% in printouts; these printouts not having been triggered by employees who, ultimately, didn’t really need them. Cost saving and awareness raising rolled into one!

Find the best printer for your ID solution

Save time and improve your responsiveness by creating your access control card

Autonomous management of badges and access cards with instant printing gives you maximum flexibility, saves time, and guarantees continuity of service. Indeed, you can now:

• Manage and update your badges autonomously, when you need to and without conforming to supplier conditions and deadlines

• Issue a badge for each new employee on their start date

• Replace any lost or stolen badge in record time

• Easily adapt the design of your cards so that they always reflect your organization’s latest corporate identity.

Access card printing systems let you create all manner of badges: the possibilities for design customization are endless, with every possible coding option (access cards with magnetic strip or contact or contactless chip). So, whatever your requirements, in-house badge management will meet your needs. In addition, using a card printer is easy with no need for any advanced user training.

When choosing your badge printing and encoding solution, there are a few aspects that deserve particular attention:

• The range of printer functionality: duplex printing, encoding options, lamination, connectivity, etc.

• The quality of the prints produced

• The richness of the software solution provided to enable you to easily create and personalize designs of your choice and to easily configure the encoding for your data

• The quality of technical support provided by the card personalization solution provider for support when you need it.

By updating your own badges and adding features to them yourself, you can evolve your access control system effectively and economically. What’s more, your staff can continue working as before, while you provide a better service.

Lots of organizations have already chosen an autonomous method of issuing access badges. Have you?