Renewal of injection molding machines at Evolis: a 100% winning investment.

With the renewal of 5 injection molding machines, covering a total space of almost 1,000m2 , Evolis is investing in modern equipment to support its growth. Installed in June, these new presses are already delivering significant benefits: improved working comfort for employees, reduced energy consumption and optimized productivity. Here’s a look at this investment, which seems to be meeting all its objectives..

Complete modernization of the existing fleet.

This large-scale project was initially deployed to replace aging machines: 80% of the presses at the time were over 20 years old. By perpetuating its fleet, Evolis aims to reinforce its agility and performance: “These 5 new injection molding machines will enable us to reduce the risk of breakdowns and maintenance costs, while increasing our production capacity. They will also offer even greater precision and speed in the production of parts,” explains Marc Pichard, department manager.

employee on an injection molding machine
Marc Pichard
The aim of this investment was both to improve our performance while providing more comfortable working conditions for our employees.
Marc Pichard, Plastics Manager

When productivity and comfort meet.

While optimizing productivity is central to the French manufacturer, so is the comfort of its employees. In addition to being quieter, the 5 new presses have all been equipped with robots. These automated “arms” pick up the part produced, place it directly on the conveyor belt and then convey it to the operator. The 11 employees are thus relieved of this repetitive task, and can concentrate on higher value-added actions: receiving the part, visual inspection, bagging, packaging in the tray, and alerting the operator in the event of drift.

injection molding machine

Performance that’s also energy-efficient.

In many respects, Evolis is committed to CSR, particularly when it comes to energy savings. And from this point of view, the renewal of the presses is not insignificant: the old hydraulic machines have been replaced by 100% electric presses. This has cut electricity consumption by a factor of 3.

Watch a video on the renewal of the 5 injection molding machines at Evolis.