• Product picture cardPresso XS price tag edition
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cardPresso XS Price Tag edition

  • Software for creating customized tags on plastic cards
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV, and .TXT database connection
  • Includes specific content for your price tags
  • Information for your employees can be printed on the reverse of the tags
  • "Price Tag" user guide included
  • Product picture cardPresso XS price tag edition
  • the box of cardpresso XS price tag edition product picture
cardpresso XS price tag edition box + content

This version of cardPresso is dedicated to price tags

Evolis and cardPresso have jointly developed software for creating price tags to meet the needs of professionals when it comes to displaying prices for non-prepackaged foods. This software forms an integral part of the solution for printing price tags from Evolis

cardPresso XS Price Tag edition (Price Tag) is aimed at independent businesses such as bakeries, patisseries, chocolate sellers, cheese sellers, fishmongers, butchers, wine merchants, the catering sector and supermarkets.

To that end, in addition to database management, a feature that was already included in the cardPresso XS classic edition, we have added additional and exclusive content.



Excel price journal liked to cardpresso

A connected database to make your life easier

This software automates the creation and updating of your price tags through price schedules which can be directly linked to the tag templates provided in this version of cardPresso.

If the models do not meet your needs, you can customize the design yourself. Add your logos or illustrations to the front and enter the PLU code, a margin indicator, product information, recipes or even a bar code for automating the inventory process on the back of the card.



Not just price tags...

loyalty cards, employee badges, gift card, visitor badges

In addition to your tags, cardPresso XS Price Tag edition is the ideal tool to create and print:

  • Your loyalty cards
  • Your employee badges
  • Your gift cards
  • Your visitor badges
  • Your promotional messages
  • Your event invitations, etc.

This edition of cardPresso is included in the Price Tag solution.


A complete software solution

exclusive content of cardpresso XS price tag edition

The Price Tag edition includes the XS version of cardPresso but also:

- Price tag templates

Price tag templates, either connected to a price schedule or not, serve as the starting point for your own creation.

- Sample price schedules in Excel format by trade.

Add your products there or change your prices, save and synchronize with your templates. All you have to do now is print your price tags!

- Library of icons

Icons adapted to different trades to illustrate your price tags.

- Font

Imitating "chalk" writing, it gives a slate board finish to your price tags.

- Detailed user guide

Complete with lots of visuals to accompany you step by step through the different stages of creating and printing your price tags