Pre-Sales Specialist (M/F)


Evolis, the worldwide leader, develops, manufactures, and sells a complete range of personalization and issuance solutions for plastic cards (personal data printing and all encoding options). The Evolis range meets all people and goods identification needs: software, signature pads, card printers, consumables, ID accessories and services to support our clients and partners. Based in Angers (France) with subsidiaries in Miami and Boston (United States), Mumbai (India), Tokyo (Japan), Singapore and Shanghai (China), Evolis earned sales of EUR 90,3 million in 2019. The Company has more than 380 employees worldwide and is present in 140 countries.



Understanding the customer needs in a detailed manner. This phase is initiated by the sales rep/ manager and then completed by project team. The goal is to reach a clear picture of the context, the application, the needs in terms of pricing, technical features, logistics…

Key missions during this phase:

  • Phone, skype.. exchange with the customer,
  • On site visits,
  • Analyze,
  • Reports,
  • Software architecture description,
  • Translation (in case of non-English speaking countries),
  • Presentations.

Each result of these missions will be reported into Salesforce opportunities.

Pilot run:

In this phase we check that the result of feasibility study is matching with customer’s needs.

It involves a lot of exchanges with the customer, and also testing and training activities.

  • Phone, skype exchange with the customer,
  • On site visits,
  • Reports,
  • Testing (hardware, firmware, software, consumables…),
  • Training,
  • Demonstrations, presentations.

Follow up

During the life cycle of a project many things will evolve, new functions or new issues will appear. This phase consists on a continuous support of the identified project. Same missions as in pilot phase can occur + a repair activity.

-Repairing (if necessary and validated by project activity manager)


In addition to main missions listed above and by the nature of the project activity, it is necessary to always tend to adapt and evolve so the list above can’t be considered as an exhaustive list and extra activities can be required on time to time basis.

The pre-sales specialist, as the local team member, will have in his/ her mission to report to the project activity manager the following: market insights, new technologies coming up, prepare and assist to trade shows.

Visit HQ to work together with the project coordinator or get trained on new technologies.

You are a good pre-sales engineer if you can do the following:

  1. Understand the business needs of a prospect/client -->translate that into a technical framework around your offering -->re-translate that in business terms to a prospect so that they get it. Note that I said offering I.e. Not just your product but also your services;
  2. You have a firm grip of your existing product, can mentally differentiate between what you're selling, what you've already built and what you might be building or can build into the product AND what you know you will never build into the product and can bring in services for;
  3. You can always talk about your products in terms of what value they can provide to a prospect or client rather than rattling off a laundry list of features and overwhelming the client with technical jargon.

Basically, you know the technical part of it but only talk about it when the situation demands it.

Soft Skills:

 - Ability to work in a team structure,

- Ability to make decisions and solve problems,

- Ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization,

- Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work,

- Ability to obtain and process information.


Education & background:

BA or master of Engineering: mechanical, IT software and/or hardware

Languages: fluent English (CET 6)

Other: would be a plus


This position requires business trips to Headquarters (France) once to twice a year.


All travel expenses for business purpose will be reimbursed.

The position is located in Providence. The contract is local.

An equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate in hiring or terms and conditions of employment because of an individual's race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other protected category recognized by state, federal or local laws. We only hire individuals authorized for employment in the United States.


To apply, send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] under the reference PSSP/0309.

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