ACTI personalized transportation card

Case study – Transportation

ACTI personalized transportation card

Centralized personalization of transportation cards.

The challenge

Introduced in 2006 at the initiative of the Pays de la Loire regional authorities (France), the Acti card promotes the mobility of job seekers and trainees in vocational training programs who are paid by the Region.

The solution

To successfully launch this program, the Pays de la Loire regional authorities worked jointly with the French company EFFIA Synergies, experts in consulting and services related to passenger transport.

For printing the cards, EFFIA Synergies chose the new Evolis Primacy double-sided printer.

The process:

  1. The EFFIA Synergies Nantes branch prints the Acti cards centrally
  2. The card printing is triggered when they receive a job seeker’s application form
  3. The beneficiary’s name and photo are printed on the cards
  4. The Acti transport card is dispatched as soon as possible by post

The result

In 2013, an estimated 20,000 cards will be printed in the Pays de la Loire region. Similar cards to the Acti card are also available in other regions, such as the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, for example.