Car tax payments printed on plastic cards

Secure plastic cards certifying technical checks and payment.

The challenge

In 2012, the Société Ivoirienne de Contrôles Techniques Automobiles (SICTA) wanted to combat the risk of counterfeit car tax vignettes by issuing an official and secure document confirming both a technical check and payment of the tax vignette.

The solution

A plastic card, in the shape of a credit card, was chosen in order to provide users with immediate customized proof.

The Evolis Securion solution caught the attention of SICTA thanks to its range of anti-fraud features and its capacity to meet the needs for quality, security, and speed.

The result

Securion printers are customized to meet flexible conditions of use and are deployed in almost 30 test centers throughout Cote d’Ivoire.

This choice has allowed users to save time while ensuring that the country’s government has a clearer picture of the condition of vehicles in circulation and of tax returns.

We investigated the solutions on offer and it was Evolis’ Securion printer that caught our attention, thanks to its range of anti-fraud features, and its capacity to meet our needs in terms of quality, security, and speed.
Robert N’Goran, IT Director at SICTA