Conference Accreditation

Case study – Corporate

Conference Accreditation

Accreditation and monitoring access to political and economic events.

The challenge

In 2013, Indonesia hosted several events and conferences attended by international political and economic leaders. Access to this type of event requires a process of accrediting participants and a fluid and fail-safe access control system. The presence of high-profile figures means that people, places, and equipment must be secured against any eventuality and staff must be identified and managed.

The solution

PT. Smart Identification Solutions, an Evolis distributor in Indonesia provided a reliable solution involving the Primacy card printer and developed a standard infrastructure for customizing access badges which can be re-used for each event.
The infrastructure meets the requirements:

  • fail-safe
  • zero technical errors
  • satisfied customers

The process of accrediting participants must not be interrupted and access card fraud must not be possible.
The Primacy printer can be used for customizing accreditation smart cards, and the inclusion of a specific hologram strengthens security.

The result

The system proposed by the Evolis distributor proved its worth during the APEC CEO Summit as well as during the WTO conference in 2013.

We wanted to establish a standard infrastructure which could be reused for each new event and which meets our priorities: fail-safe security and satisfied customers.
Jimmy Tan, President, PTSIS