Efficiency and security with signature pads

Case study – Finance

Efficiency and security with signature pads

Coastal Community Credit Union in Canada implemented digital signature solution Sig200

Challenge: Implement a secure digital signing solution

Coastal Community Credit Union (CCCU) in Canada is the largest Vancouver Island-based financial services organization operating a network of 24 credit union locations and 16 insurance offices. The credit union wanted to implement a digital signature solution that will allow members to electronically sign documentation both remotely and locally. The challenge CCCU had to address was to reduce paper footprint and optimize the management of signed documents while still allowing their older clientele to feel comfortable with a digital signature.

Solution: a state-of-the-art and cost-effective technology

For CCCU it was imperative to implement a solution that would integrate with CCCU’s existing banking system software as well as its financial technologies.

The Evolis Sig200 signature pads combined with signoSign/2 software from Evolis met these requirements. Coastal Community Credit Unionhas a significant percentage of older members, including some who would find this new technology intimidating. The combination of Sig200 stationary signature pads along with Dell 2-in-1 laptops has provided the right mix of technology to meet member and organizatnal needs.

Result: 175 Sig200 signature pads rolled out across all branches

The Evolis solution incorporates 175 Sig200 signature pads throughout all bank branches. The Sig200 is a signature pad with a large signature surface and a color screen which is ideal for optimizing the signature process on a counter or desk. SignoSign/2 software offers a variety of features to digitally and automatically process and sign documents. When implemented together they are able to capture signatures on financial documents in-branch while also automating the flow and archiving.
Installing signature pads at CCCU branches that still utilize traditional teller wickets has shown users that the member impact is minimal and that privacy is still maintained.

We are very satisfied with the combination of the signature pads and the software. There’s a great deal of customization that allow us to brand, automate, and report errors efficiently and cost-effectively.
Matthew Bastarache, Developer Analyst at CCCU