Personalized credit cards within a branch


The challenge

Over the past decade, the delivery of payment cards, in a decentralized, customer-facing way has proved to be a major trend, even replacing the old-school and cumbersome centralized card delivery. In Nigeria, some banks have started providing their customers with payment cards issued only a few minutes after the application. This boosts customer experience while banks do away with the traditional lead-time and mailing costs related to centralized personalization. Pajuno Development Company Limited, Evolis distributor in Nigeria, partners with several local financial institutions to implement instant card issuance.



The solution

Evolis Zenius and Primacy:

  • deliver top notch printing quality matched with versatile encoding options,
  • make them the right fit for over-the-counter operations, thanks to their compact size,
  • can be networked which makes card personalization available from any desktop.

Besides the personalization technology, Pajuno provides all allied required services, from card design to onsite support, in packages designed for financial institutions.


The result

For those, top-quality personalization is a way to boost their overall corporate image, while a great leap forward is achieved in the experience of their own customers: they can use their card a few minutes after applying for it and are welcomed on ATM screens in a personal way when withdrawing cash. Eventually, as Patrick Mbano says:

“With so many benefits for our customers and their end-users, it is no surprise that we made Evolis a standard for all our instant issuance projects.”

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