Case study – Retail

A French Butcher Adopts A New Labelling Solution

Edikio Access : a simple, professional and affordable solution

A professional, simple, and affordable approach

For many years, the owner of the Gicquel butchers store in the French city of Guer had not updated his stock of price tags. When he discovered plastic card printers by French company Evolis in the catalogue of a specialist reseller, Christophe Gicquel then changed his whole labelling method.

Damaged and mismatched, the price spikes with adhesive roller strips used in his store were getting old, and the models available from his supplier had changed. Mr. Gicquel, who likes a  ̋clean and harmonious ̋ display, was unhappy with this untidy appearance. In addition, the new INCO law on the display of allergens and the origin of meat required additional printed tools to inform customers.

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Since the new law was introduced, I always had to check my allergens file. With the Edikio solution, I don’t need to search for long to find the answer. Since I’ve put graphics on the price tags, my regular customers don’t ask these questions anymore.
Christophe Gicquel, owner of Gicquel butchers