Chinese cities choose self-service terminals to issue their social security card

The challenge: Issue or replace the social security card efficiently

China card

Issuing and replacing the social security card for all Chinese citizens confronts the government with many challenges, such as large population in cities and high cost of card issuance. The government has decided to accelerate social security card issuance all over the country. Hebei is China’s sixth most populated province, with over 75 million people.

The ministry of human resources and social security department of Hebei, in collaboration with commercial banks, have implemented a solution to issue the card in each bank outlet. The card has both social security and financial functions. The cities in Heibei Province that use the self-service kiosks include Shijiazhuang, Zhangjiakou, Handan, Xingtai, Chengde and Tangshan.


Kiosk KC200B

The solution: Using self-service kiosks to issue the card

The self-service devices for social security cards issuance integrate the account opening processes of social security as well as financial operations. Therefore, they need to be connected to the social security system and interconnected with the banking system.

Jielika Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is one of the partners of Evolis responsible for the hardware development of self-service devices and the integration of printing modules with banking and social security systems. Evolis KC200B module was integrated into the self-service device to deliver a stable and efficient card printing performance.

Citizens need to put their ID cards in the sensing area of self-service terminals, pass face recognition or real-name authentication with their mobile phone number to download their personal information: name, gender, nationality, date of birth, ID number, photograph, etc. The self-service terminals instantly print the cardholder’s personalized information and encode the data into the chip.


The result: Up to 600,000 social security cards are expected to be issued

The bank outlets including ICBC, RCB, CCB, BOC and PSBC are now deploying the self-service terminals to issue the cards. Up to 600,000 social security cards are expected to be issued in several cities. Now, the card issuance process is fast and efficient: it only takes a few minutes to receive the new social security card.



"Citizens have adopted to the social security self-service terminals. They not only effectively improve the service efficiency related to social security cards, but also greatly reduce the operating costs of banks."


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