Personalize citizens’ ID cards for digital citizenship

Print citizen card for the povince of cordoba

The challenge: to deploy the issuing of ID cards extremely rapidly over a large territory

  • To simplify the management of administrative procedures, the government of the province of Córdoba set up a "Digital Citizenship" platform allowing each citizen to access administrative services and procedures, and to manage their personal data.
  • In parallel to this, it equipped its administrative centers with Primacy printers for issuing a dedicated ID card to each citizen.
  • The project was completed in just four months.





The solution: Evolis Primacy for decentralized printing

Due to the large size of the territory of this province, the authorities favored a decentralized solution which did not need much technical support once it was installed. Primacy met these requirements.

"The government of the province of Córdoba was looking for a system which required minimal technical support once the printers were installed across the territory. Primacy completely satisfied this requirement for a plug and play solution”, stated Gustavo de Sousa, President of ID Group S.A.

There is a two-stage process for making the card:

  1. Each citizen visits a center for their personal data to be recorded and their photo to be taken by an administrative officer.
  2. This information is transmitted to the Primacy printer, and a card is personalized and issued in a less than a minute.



The card printed for the province of cordoba

The result: ID cards are an administrative passport

ID cards really do act as passports for citizens as they enable them to complete numerous administrative tasks (marital status, taxes, pension, land registry, etc.). The portal retains all the documentation requested and transmitted by each citizen in such a way that they do not have to provide it again when they next make a request.

"The advantages of Primacy which made it ideal for this project are its ease of installation, its extremely intuitive software, and the speed with which cards can be issued with a very low error rate. We are confident that we will see its future success and development in other provinces in Argentina”, said Gustavo de Sousa.


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