Personalized driver's licenses on PVC


The Challenge

Modernizing the Indian driver's license format was a major feature in the road safety policy initiated by the Indian authorities a few years ago. Following the example of 11 other Indian states, Uttar Pradesh, the most densely populated state in India (over 200 million inhabitants) recently decided to provide driver's licenses in the format of a bank card, considering the medium to be reliable, secure, and suitable for the rapid retrieval of driver profiles.




Primacy, The fast and versatile card printer

The solution

Evolis solutions were chosen to produce this smartcard license. For this project, Evolis India worked in partnership with M-Tech Innovations, responsible for integration. More than 250 Primacy printers were deployed in 2013, to print more than 10 million cards over the next 5 years.






The result

The Uttar Pradesh project confirmed the confidence placed in Evolis solutions by the Indian administrations and strengthened the market penetration of Evolis printers for personalizing driver's licenses. 

"There has been real confidence in Evolis printers in India for several years. Primacy was therefore a fairly rapid choice. Primacy has several advantages. It stands out due to the reliability of its printing and the fact that it guarantees a professional result," said Ganesh Ramamurthy, Managing Director at Evolis India.

Since 2001, Evolis printers have been used to personalize millions of driver's licenses, particularly in Punjab, Delhi, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, and Karnataka. 

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