Health cards for emergency care

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Health cards for emergency care

ICE standard health cards: personalization and encoding of plastic cards.

The challenge 

In the event of an emergency, patients need to be taken care of quickly and efficiently, and the support teams need to have the relevant information to hand. What personal and medical data are needed? How can this information be made available?

The solution

Since 2011, About the Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization based in California, offers ICE Standard health cards, carrying the data needed for efficient emergency care. For the printing, the foundation selected the Evolis Dualys and Primacy card printers.

The ICE Standard card contains personal medical details: insurance, current treatments, allergies, etc. The contents of the ICE Standard card are displayed directly on the lock screen of a smartphone. Available in the form of a plastic card, the health card can be ordered online. Users can download their photo, enter their personal data, and pay online. The printed card is dispatched immediately.

The result

Joseph Ekman, President of About the Kids Foundation, selected Evolis printers for personalizing the ICE cards.

Quality and reliability were important criteria because we cannot allow any interruptions to our card printing process.