Greater Control and More Secure Access at the Grenoble Hospital

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Secured access control in the hospital of Grenoble

The challenge: Improving control and securing access to the CHU buildings

In May 2012, after an attack that occurred in the emergency care reception area of the CHU in Grenoble, the hospital's directors wanted to strengthen access control to ensure better security for staff and patients.

They called on the company Castel to improve security by installing specific doors and implementing a new ID badge system for staff, which then led to a review of authorizations.




The solution: Instant printing of ID badges with Evolis Pebble 4


The solution implemented allows very easy management of access rights. First of all, the badges are edited using the HR department's database, containing all the user profiles, then they are printed using Pebble 4, the Evolis printing solution.

After this, it is the badge holder's department or unit that assigns access rights to the card.


The result: Access badges for the 7500 professionals working at the CHU


The access control system guarantees the security of the 7500 professionals and thousands of patients at the hospital of Grenoble. With this solution, Evolis provided the optimum response with a simple and secure solution, adapted to the requirement of this health institution.

In this video from the Castel company, learn about the implementation of an instant printing solution for access control badges with the Pebble 4 card printer from Evolis:

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