A hologram for the badges of a music festival

Case study – Hospitality and Leisure

A hologram for the badges of a music festival

The Rock en Seine music festival in Paris has optimized security for accreditation.

The challenge: optimizing accreditation security

Security issues at major events have become an important concern in recent years. The Rock En Seine music festival, held in Paris each year, is an unmissable event in the European calendar, with 120,000 spectators, 65 bands, and 2,500 employees.

The solution: plastic badges for staff with a photo and hologram

Since 2017, the organizers have been using plastic card printers to create and print staff ID badges directly on site, with a photo and hologram. 
Their goals: 

  • to increase security for accreditation
  • to prevent the falsification of badges 
  • to maintain great flexibility in the production of badges. 

A security film including a hologram is placed on the card to prevent any attempts at falsification. It brings an additional level of security as it is very difficult to reproduce and makes it easy to rapidly identify any attempts at fraud during checks.

The result: six Primacy systems print 4,700 badges per year

One month before the start of the festival, six Evolis Primacy print systems were installed and three employees were trained in their use. Ten different types of badge were created based on the employee profiles (technician, organizer, catering staff, production team, partners, etc.) for a total of 4,700 badges for the 2017 event alone.