India: Government services at your doorstep

Case study – Government

India: Government services at your doorstep

The Government of Rajasthan provides automated kiosks for social cards issuance.

Challenge: Delayed Service Delivery of Government Documents

The biggest challenge faced by the Government of Rajasthan – one of India largest state (province) in the North-West of the country – was service delivery of documents like birth certificate, education certificate, caste certificate, Aadhaar card and PAN card. Until then, citizens had to visit service offices, called Atal Seva Kendra or e-Mitra Centres, multiple times to acquire these documents. This led to long queues, heavy delays and erroneous processes. Sensitive data leakage and fraudulent transactions were also on the rise. All these culminated into dissatisfied citizen service and low-quality maintenance. In addition, these processes drew a substantial amount of finances.

Solution: Using Digital to Bridge the Citizen-Governance Divide

To address these challenges, and to ease the process of procuring government documents for citizens and improve e-governance, the state of Rajasthan collaborated with Lipi Data Systems Ltd to deploy automated self-service kiosks across 10,000 gram panchayats in the rural areas of its 23 districts. Lipi Data Systems chose a customised Elypso printer, with their own 4 hopper solution, to be at the heart of these kiosks, called e-Mitra Plus. Four types of cards can be printed in a single kiosk, as per specified requirements (like Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving licence and BhaMaSha Health cards).  The Evolis India team worked with the System Integrator teams to complete execution by delivering 5000 customised Elypso printers in 120 days.

Using the Kiosk, the citizens can now self-acquire their official documents while avoiding long queues and time-taking processes at service offices. Instant video-conferencing feature in the kiosk also enables quick communication across distributed teams. Announcement broadcasts are better perceived among the public.

This has substantially improved citizen satisfaction and reduced erroneous operations. Automated kiosks also reduced the requirement of investing in additional manpower, separate counters and office setups just for handing documents.

Results: All Government services now under one roof using the Kiosk printing system.

The Rajasthan government is now able to deliver a host of services in a sustainable, cost-viable, and efficient manner, especially to the rural and unbanked population, thereby strengthening its e-governance programme further.

The feedback has been positive from citizens and government officers alike. Local language support and well-instructed screens enable easy usage for commoners. This kind of a solution can be a great example for the rest of India to ease the process of document procurement for Indians and give a big boost to Digital India initiative.

I acknowledge the exceptional responsiveness of the Evolis teams in India and in France where the systems are manufactured. Our experience with Evolis has demonstrated an excellent reactivity: only 8 months after the tender, 5,000 customized Elypso printers and 50,000 printing ribbons were delivered to Udaipur. Thanks to Evolis industrial flexibility, only our company was able to meet the requirements of the government for special functionalities and rapid deployment of such a big volume project. The collaboration with the technical and the sales people was very close at each stage of the development of the kiosk.
Ajay Jha, Vice President of Lipi Data Systems