Secure solution for the issuance of personalized payment cards within a branch.

The challenge

Producing debit cards on the spot within the branches, to position ourselves as close to our customers as possible.

The solution

The Kuveyt Türk bank has selected Evolis as a key partner for the instant production of its debit cards. The Evolis Dualys printer, equipped with magnetic strip encoders, and contact and contactless chips, is used in all the Kuveyt Türk bank branches in Turkey.

The result 

Thanks to this device, the Kuveyt bank:

  • Facilitates and speeds up the process of issuing a payment card
  • Guarantees a very high level of data security
  • Allows the cost of delivering a bank card to be significantly reduced
  • Makes an immediately usable, yet secure, means of payment available to their customers
We have chosen this device particularly in order to ensure the security of payment card distribution. The unanimous and extremely positive view of our suppliers of card production solutions confirmed our wish to use the Dualys card printer. After several months of operation, we are fully satisfied with it.
Mustafa Dereci, Director of the Kuveyt Türk Bank group