Self-service terminals provide a streamlined reception at trade shows

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The challenge: to reduce waiting times at trade shows


The success of a professional event relies on the quality of its visitor marketing. The organizers of conferences and trade fairs need effective solutions for:

  • managing visitor registration access control
  • issuing badges


The solution: self-service terminals


Evolis Kiosk KC200 card printer

Regular feedback from clients who wish to improve the management of visitor flows and the high cost of temporary staff has led the LENI teams to consider a self-service terminal solution.
In collaboration with K2Corp, a French manufacturer of interactive terminals, LENI proposed this new solution to all its clients in 2016. Today, the company owns 10 independent terminals. They are regularly installed at the entrance to trade fairs in France.

Depending on the client's specifications, the terminal can include:

  • a payment point
  • an RFID reader
  • a barcode or QR code reader.

In addition, all the terminals include an Evolis KC200B plastic card printing module capable of producing different badges according to visitor profile.


Sample cards of Leni Badges with Evolis printers

The result: independent production of badges at trade shows


Visitors can choose:

  • to pay their entry fee at the welcome desk and have their badges printed by an attendant
  • to carry out the entire process independently in just a few seconds on the self-service terminal.

Specialized in managing arrivals, the French company LENI has had great success with its self-service terminals that reduce waiting times. More than 35,000 badges were issued for the 2016 Première Vision trade show in Paris, the international event for fashion professionals.



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