Case study – Health

Optical prescriptions in India printed on plastic cards.

Personal prescriptions now printed on plastic cards.

Challenge: End the loss of optical prescriptions

In India, an optician is authorized to carry out optical examinations and prescribe eyeglasses. Traditionally, opticians provided their clients with a paper prescription. However, clients regularly misplaced this document and then re-solicit their optician to check their eyesight again or have their prescription reprinted.

Solution: Provide customers with prescriptions on plastic card

To solve this problem, two Indian opticians have opted for an innovative solution: an eyeglass prescription in the form of a durable plastic card.
A plastic card is convenient and easy to store in a wallet. Thus, the customer can carry it around without forgetting it during the next visit to the optician. Personal prescriptions are now printed on plastic cards with the Evolis Primacy Duplex printer. These cards are valid for two years to obtain any prescribed glasses.
In addition to the optical data, the card displays:

  • the patient’s name,
  • age
  • date of last check-up,
  • as well as the contact details of his or her optician.

Result: Quality cards printed on site with Primacy Duplex

For Hardik Bardoli, owner of Patel Opticians, this solution offers many advantages. “Our main goal was to provide a more efficient way to store and manage prescriptions. Now, with Evolis Primacy, we have found the right solution! The printer meets our expectations for print quality and speed. This solution is cost-effective and enhances the overall image of our store and this is highly valued by customers and optometrists.”

Thanks to the Evolis Primacy card printer our customers now keep their prescriptions safely.
Aditya Choksi, owner of Laxmi Opticians