Personal culture pass

Case study – Hospitality and Leisure

Personal culture pass

Culture pass on PVC in the form of a membership and loyalty card.

The Challenge

The historic site of the Abbey of Fontevraud, situated in the Loire Valley in France, remains an important stop on any tourists’ itinerary. The Abbey however, is much more than a showcase of medieval culture. It is a dynamic arts center with a loyalty program seeking to cultivate a core group of “PASS-holders” who act as ambassadors for the Abbey.

The goal is to expand the concept of “community”, which has been at the heart of Fontevraud in different forms for centuries, by creating a rich social fabric to connect the Abbey with its immediate environment.

The Solution

The PASS itself is a card produced by the rewritable card printer, the Evolis Tattoo RW. Its compactness sits neatly alongside the computers in the Abbey’s main reception area.

The card with a splendid image of the Abbey on one side and bar code on the other represents membership of the Fontevraud community for PASS-holders. The card is returned to the front desk at the end of a visit or membership period and can be erased and reprinted up to 500 times.

The PASS is the link to closer relationships with our clients.
Arnaud Glize

The Benefits

Embracing the latest technologies and innovations is part of the Abbey of Fontevraud’s philosophy and this extends to its sustainable development policy. The inherent capacity of the Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer to recycle cards made it a logical choice to support the personalized PASS project. The Tattoo Rewrite printer is now an integral part of the Abbey’s ecosystem as it is ribbon-free and uses rewritable cards.

For the Abbey itself, the card program underpins a strategy designed to generate social capital and expand its local presence. “The PASS is the link to closer relationships with our clients,” resumes Mr. Glize.

This is particularly important to us as we are not located in an urban center and visitors have to make a special effort to get here. We want visiting to become a reflex and the PASS program provides an incentive and reward for people to return.
Arnaud Glize