Personalized ski passes

Case study – Hospitality and Leisure

Personalized ski passes

Optimizing access to the slopes using terminals that instantly deliver RFID passes.

The challenge

Significantly increase the number of automatic ski pass distributors with 24/7 access, in order to:

  • Reduce long queues at the ticket booths
  • Make access to the slopes more fluid
  • Make commercial activities available 24/7, outside the normal booth opening times

The solution

The Evolis Kiosk printer, integrated into the Skidata machine, personalizes and issues RFID passes. This specially developed printer is equipped two cartridges of 500 cards, to print completely independently on re-writable plastic cards or on single-issue tickets.

The result

Half a million passes are personalized each year by the 150 machines used by Skidata throughout the world. A technological partnership between Evolis and Skidata was initiated by adapting the Evolis Kiosk card printer to the specific requirements of the ski pass distributors. The challenge was successfully met!