Case study – Retail

Plastic price tags for a seafood section

Streamlined management of price tags for a supermarket with the Primacy plastic card printer.

Streamlined management of price tags for an in-store fish and seafood section

In today’s world of retailing, change is a constant: prices fluctuate, products are sourced from various areas, while merchandising varies according to received goods. As a result, these changes add complexities to the recurring updating of product labels and tags. To optimize price tag management, the manager of a supermarket based in France introduced an innovative and smart solution for the fish and seafood counter. Based on the Primacy card printer, the new tag system boasts of benefits for an industry always on the lookout for first-rate efficiency and strong responsiveness.

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With price tags that are more appealing and of high-quality printing, our fish section displays a standardized and neat layout that improves the overall customer experience.
Philippe Germond, General Manager – Super U Les Justices (France)