Production of personalized loyalty cards

Case study – Retail

Production of personalized loyalty cards

Centralized, in-store personalization of PVC loyalty cards.

The challenge

In the area of distribution, loyalty programs are often well developed. Varying significantly from one brand to another, they are based on one common denominator: personalized loyalty cards.

Hansab, an Evolis distributor in Estonia, supported ETK, a leader in distribution, through the launch of the loyalty program for its different shops.

The solution

Depending on the size of the shop, the ETK loyalty program is based on two principles:

  1. For local shops:
  • Loyalty card requests are made in the shop
  • These requests are collected, communicated and centralized in one office
  • This office takes care of card personalization
  • Each card is delivered by post
  1. For hypermarkets:
  • Loyalty card requests are made in the shop
  • Cards are immediately produced and supplied to the cardholder

For centralized personalization, ETK selected the Quantum card printer. For hypermarkets, the Tattoo printer was tested and selected.

The result

More than 100,000 loyalty cards were personalized in 2012.

“The Evolis printers were integrated without affecting the loyalty program’s existing systems, databases, and processes,” said Alo Männiksaar, Commercial Director, Hansab.