Resamania, access management to fitness centers

Case study – Hospitality and Leisure

Resamania, access management to fitness centers

Resamania and Primacy for personalizing membership badges and simplifying access to clubs.

(…) our platform covers all administrative tasks, from customer management and scheduling, to consideration of subscriptions and their payment
Frédéric Buisson, , Resamania General Manager

The challenge: to optimize access to fitness centers

Resamania publishes an administrative management software solution that is accessed directly online with features designed specifically for fitness centers.

The software aims to help users:

  • simplify and optimize the management of their fitness center
  • offer their members a quality service, such as the automatic renewal of memberships.

As requested by its users, Resamania has combined its solution with the Primacy card printer for making personalized access badges.

The solution: Evolis Primacy for personalizing membership badges and controlling access

The club receptions are equipped with a Primacy double-face printer, which can be accessed from all workstations thanks to its ethernet port.

There is a two-stage process for making the card:

  1. Generation of a PDF with the photo and personal details of the member (last name, first name, valid dates, etc.).
  2. Sending of the file to Primacy, which personalizes the badge in color in less than 1 minute.

Resamania encourages its customers to manage their costs by recommending a half-panel printing ribbon that is perfectly suited to partial color printing (color photo, black text).

The result: Personalized badges that simplify access control

The printed badges simplify access control at the club entrance, whatever method is used:

  • Barcodes
  • Transponder
  • Turnstile
  • Strike plate lock
  • Electronic security gate

All cards are printed with a photo of the member. So each time a member passes through, the Resamania software can:

  • check if the membership is up to date, if all the prerequisites are fulfilled
  • display the member’s photo on the screen in real time for a visual check by the reception team
  • automatically update the CRM database
  • track the number of people in the center in real time.

As well as access control, the badge can also be used to manage use of the changing rooms and configure certain machines to the member’s profile.

The market return is simply excellent. Primacy card printers are easy to use and install. What’s more, the installation can often be done independently by the users themselves. For users, the quick printing speed and the option to network the printer are great advantages.
Frédéric Buisson, Manager