Baker and Cook introduced Edikio Price Tag solution in more than 17 of their businesses

Sample card Baker and Cook

New price tags as part as Baker and Cook’s brand standard through the world.

Baker and Cook used previously laminated paper tags to label their goods. Time consuming and not long lasting, these tags did not fit with their brand image.
After discovering the Edikio Price Tag Access solution, Baker and Cook decided to equip more than 17 shop through Singapore and Saudi Arabia and planned to do the same in Kuala Lumpur. These new aesthetic price tag are now totally part of the brand’s standard through the world thank to the solution’s versatility and its ease of use.


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“We used the tag in the whole business. It is part of our brand standard and procedures to have them. So where we go, they go.”
Dean Brettscheider – Founder of Baker and Cook.



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