Why choose Evolis?

Why choose Evolis?

For your card and id badge projects, join the many corporates, governmental agencies, educational organizations and local authorities that already trust the Evolis solutions for their plastic card personalization.

The recognized quality and reliability of our products and services

Evolis has stood out since our inception for the quality and reliability of our products and services. At Evolis, ensuring the best possible quality is a priority and a strong corporate value.

ISO 9001 Certification

Evolis is certified ISO 9001, reflecting our overall quality management system and continuous improvement policy.

Quality sourcing

To ensure the quality of the raw materials and spare parts, we carefully select our suppliers and routinely inspect incoming goods.

Made in France

Our production site is based in Angers, France. Thus, while helping sustain jobs in the local economy, Evolis ensures the quality of our products by:

  • recruiting and training our own employees,
  • performing quality checks at every stage of product development and before shipping.

Training / skills transfer

To provide high quality services to our customers across the world, Evolis has developed a certified training program for our distributors and resellers. This skills transfer ensures local service providing quick response time and maximum quality.

Evolis’ great ability to innovate as a key success factor

Our success is also based on our ability to innovate. Each year, Evolis allocates 4% of our revenue to Research & Development in order to stay ahead of the game.

Integrated design office

To retain control of our expertise, Evolis has an in-house team of experienced engineers and technicians who work in close collaboration with the Marketing department, taking a pro-active approach to meeting market demands in order to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers.

Regular product launches

Our commitment to continuous innovation is reflected in frequent product launches and range renewals. Our design office engineers are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to meet the needs of the various plastic card markets.

Bold products

Evolis modular card printers boast a stylish design, with printer ribbons that are automatically recognized and housed in easy to handle cartridges. These features, along with Evolis Premium Suite®, are all innovations that have shaped the card printer industry and ensure our customers ease of use and top performance.

Evolis’ flexible solutions to respond to our customers’ needs

Evolis is known for its scalable, flexible solutions. Each card printer can be modified, at the factory or in the field, as appropriate, to meet your specific needs.


The Evolis card personalization systems are extremely versatile. You can upgrade your Primacy printer from a single-sided version to a double-sided version with an activation key, easily add encoding modules to Zenius, Primacy and Elypso printers (magnetic stripe, contact or contactless smart cards) in a few simple steps, etc. Depending on the model, these modifications can be configured at the factory or directly at your site.

A project team for custom solutions

One of our strengths is our ability to meet specific customer requirements. We consider all requests, even the most unusual. Once the project feasibility is confirmed, we make every effort to deliver the custom solution you need.

– Industrial agility

The design office and production facilities are located on the same site, for maximum agility and rapid industrialization. Your printing and card personalization systems are made to measure, in record time. We can modify existing printing systems, for example by adding third-party devices. We can also install Evolis printer modules in self-service terminals or other equipment.

Tailored services

Evolis stands out for the versatility of the services we offer. We tailor our services to your specific business or country and are actively involved at all stages of the service chain.

Evolis’ environmental policy at all levels of the company

In light of Evolis’ rapid growth, management quickly realized how important it was to control our environmental footprint and went on to implement a comprehensive environmental management system.

A global philosophy

From constructing an eco-designed building (rainwater recovery, electricity production) to educating employees (waste recycling) our collective and individual initiatives to reduce our environmental impact are part of a global philosophy.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of a card printer

To find out how to improve our environmental performance, we hired an outside firm to conduct a life cycle analysis of Evolis card printers. The use phase was shown to be the most polluting, far ahead of the manufacturing, distribution and end of life phases (59% to 98% of the impacts for 9 of the 11 indicators analyzed in 2011 for the Pebble 4 printer). We then took action on these phases in order to reduce their impact.

Eco-designed printers

Evolis restricts the use of hazardous substances in the manufacture of our products, in compliance with the European RoHS directive. For the latest generation of card printers, our engineers have developed an ultra-efficient sleep mode that uses nearly 6 times less energy over the lifetime of the printer (estimated at 5 years).

Environmentally-friendly consumables

To reduce the environmental impact during the use phase of our card printers, Evolis took action with respect to consumables by:

  • increasing the capacity of our color print ribbons (100% more for Primacy, 20% more for Zenius)
  • replacing the ribbon cartridge material with a recycled and recyclable material.