The Evolis High Trust® label


The Evolis High Trust® range provides the following benefits:

  • Premium quality products
  • Ease of use
  • A technology design to make printing tasks simple for the user
  • A key enabler in maximizing the lifespan of an Evolis printer
  • A limited environmental impact

Evolis High Trust® brand

Right since its fledgling days, Evolis Card Printer has always been at the forefront of innovation by creating quality-focused products.

As requirements and technologies have changed over time, and to meet versatile consumer demands, Evolis Card Printer has now updated its offering in introducing a new patented range of high-quality consumables: Evolis High Trust®. This brand focuses on supporting user requirements in printing on plastic cards.

The Evolis High Trust® consumables have been exclusively designed to work with the Evolis card printers. Tested and validated by the Evolis R&D and Quality departments, these consumables bring you printing quality and reliability, maximizing the lifespan of the print head. The use of consumables other than Evolis High Trust may lead to a bad printing quality and a dysfunction of the card printer.

Don't get fooled!

See how to recognize a genuine Evolis High Trust consumable