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PVC card magnetic stripe

  • Ideal support for outstanding printouts
  • Compliant with ISO CR-80 standards: Length: 85.6mm and width: 54mm
  • Magnetic stripe blank line available in one thickness: 30MIL
  • HiCO magnetic stripe or LoCo
  • PVC cards lifespan: 2 to 3 years minimum 
  • Package: boxes of 5 sealed packs of 100 cards

Evolis High Trust PVC cards with magnetic stripe


Part # Description Compatibility
C4003 Classic Blank White Cards with HICO Magnetic Stripe – 30 MIL. 
5 packs of 100 cards
Zenius, Primacy, Quantum, Primacy Lamination, Avansia, Tattoo2, Pebble4, Dualys3, Securion, Elypso, KC200 - KC200B, KM500B - KM2000B
C4004 Classic Blank White Cards with LOCO Magnetic Stripe – 30 MIL. 
5 packs of 100 cards

The magnetic stripe is integrated to the card and cannot be tear-off, that brings you a higher level of quality. The quality of our cards allows a printing quality and a good readability of specific elements : texts, barcodes...


HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripe

The difference between HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripe concerns the security and the durabiity of the encoded data.

A HiCo magnetic stripe is encoded with a stronger magnetic field (2750 Oersted). The encoded data is less probable to be erased when exposed to an outside magnetic field. A stripe of high coercivity encoding is black.

This feature is recommended when you need a long lifespan of the card and protected information, for example credit cards, bank cards, memebership or loyalty cards, access control cards...

A LoCo magnetic stripe is encoded with a low intensity magnetic field (300 Oersted). Ideal for short-term applications, such as gift cards, membership or loyalty cards, transit passes...A low coercivity stripe encoding is brown.


Storage information

Cards are delivered in a dust-free box to help you get a better print quality. The packaging by 100 cards help to maintain the cards away from the dust.

Avoid dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures. Do not place near solvent or other chemicals.