The Evolis High Trust® cards have an even and flat surface which ensure flawless moves under the print head (minimizing the risk of damage) and printouts with vivid colors and well-defined barcodes.

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Evolis blank card

PVC blank cards

Evolis classic blank white cards, in PVC, can be used with all Evolis card printers and provide high image quality. (Part # C4001 - Part # C4002)

Evolis Card with magnetic stripe - C1004

PVC card magnetic stripe

These cards are the ideal support to encode all your data, for all your applications: fidelity cards, access passes, transport cards... - Part # C4003 - Part # C4004

Evolis black cards - C8001

PVC mat black cards - Part # C8001

Mat black cards in PVC, can be used with all Evolis card printers and all Evolis monochrome ribbons. Recommended cards to print your price tags.

Evolis - card with writable back - C4522

PVC with writable back - Part # C4522

PVC blank cards with a writable back that enables you to write or to sign directly on the back of the card.

Evolis blank card

PETF cards - Part # C3001

PETF cards work well in high-use applications where the cards have a barcode or a magnetic stripe. Any application that requires frequent card swiping would use a PETF card.

Evolis prepuched card - C4512

Pre-punched PVC cards - Part # C4512

The pre punched cards are really convenient when you want to wear your badge with a clip or a lanyard

Evolis blank card

Rewritable cards

Rewritable cards are very useful in a fidelity program, for instance, when the data need to be updated frequently. You don't need to create a new card every time. #C5101 - #C5201

c4521 3tag cards


Evolis blank 3TAG PVC cards are the ideal solution for hospitality and retail businesses when you want to label small items or to highlight specific features. Exist in 2 colors: WHITE Part # C4521 or BLACK Part # C8521.

Evolis - Color PVC Card (red, green, yellow)

Color PVC Cards

Evolis color PVC cards are the perfect choice to highlight specific messages such as offers and promotions. They can be used with Evolis monochrome ribbons to print text and logos. (Part # C4101 - Part # C4301 – Part # C4401)

Evolis - White and Black long cards

Long PVC Cards

Evolis white or black long PVC cards are ideal to clearly display all the necessary consumer information and to give your establishment a professional image. Exist in 2 colors and 2 dimensions.

Evolis - Gold and Silver PVC cards

Metallic PVC cards

Evolis Metallic PVC Cards Gold or Silver are perfect to bring a luxurious touch to your communication. They can be used with Evolis High Trust ribbons to print text and logos (Part # C4601 - Part # C4701)

Paper Card Logo FSC

Paper Cards

The ideal alternative to PVC for businesses wishing to reduce their plastic consumption without compromising printing quality.

Pre-printed cards slate design

Pre-printed cards slate design - part # C9001

These old-fashioned tags with their slate design are ideal to bring a vintage and traditional touch to your communication. They can be used to print your texts and logos with Evolis white monochrome ribbon. Recommended cards to print your price tags.