You need color, monochrome or secured printing? Be sure that you will always find a ribbon which suits you.

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Evolis Region Code Management

Evolis Region Code Management

Evolis divided the planet earth into 3 major zones (AMERICAS, APAC and EMEA) which correspond to its distribution system, and 2 sub-zones in the APAC region, which are China and India.

Evolis High Trust YMCKO ribbons

Color ribbons

Evolis High Trust® color ribbons have been designed to produce the very best image quality with Evolis card printing systems.

Evolis High Trust monochrome ribbons

Monochrome ribbons

Monochrome printing uses a single color. This is a very cost-effective process for personalizing pre-printed cards. It stands as the ideal solution for cards that do not require color personal elements such as a picture.

Evolis High Trust security ribbons

Security ribbons

National ID cards, polling cards, driving licenses and other official documents require very high security standards to fight forgeries and wear. Plastic cards are therefore the ideal solution for any official document with a credit card size.