Drivers for Zenius


Windows 10 | Windows 8 | 7 | Vista (32 et 64 bit) and Windows XP SP3

Important: To use this version of driver, a firmware upgrade of your printer(s) is required.

The new feature “add card pre-loading management for Primacy Printer and monochrome ribbons” will be functionnal only with the Primacy’s firmware release upper than 1604 version.


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Mac Drivers


Download Mac Drivers version history 



 If your Linux Distribution requires further package type, please contact your official Evolis reseller / distributor.





To use this version of firmware, a driver upgrade of your printer(s) is required.

If your current firmware version is inferior or equal to V.1304,  your printer must be upgraded  with  the firmware V.1506 before upgrading  to V.16..

To upgrade your firmware, please read this FAQ
For more information, please contact your Evolis reseller or distributor.




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